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Shopping at Galway Traders is less like shopping than you could imagine. We are located in an old home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, with shamrocks kindly carved in the eaves by the Irish contractor who built it in 1912. We burn turf (peat) in our fireplace and offer a cup of tea whenever the weather cools off enough to offer an excuse—which is often indeed in Seattle!

Since 1983 we have tried to present the world of Gaelic Ireland—and of the Celtic world in general—in a warmly respectful manner, and hope you will find the store a cultural center as well as someplace with gifts that leap to your hand and eye without a strain when trying to buy something for someone close to you.

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If you’re tired of the plastic world of malls or boutiques, this is the place for you!

We carry enough goods and cultural items from Scotland and in lesser degree from Wales (and even a few things from Brittany) to earn our sense of our shop as Pan-Celtic; indeed our collection of music and CDs etc. as well as bilingual books is surely one of the largest in the USA. We are not a mail-order business and have no catalog, but we cheerfully ship any item you may wish to order by phone or Email.

In the news...

Be sure to check out this article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (March 2002).

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